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Chill and Surf, Surf Camp Portugal

Terms and Condition

Detailed information about the terms and conditions of the Chillandsurf Surfcamp in Portugal.

Beginners courses are given by our licensed surf teachers.

Main conditions are secure swimming and athletic strength.

In case of doubt, please consult your doctor before starting your trip.

Everybody fulfilling the conditions can participate .

The participant explicitly states that there are no medical objections to participate.

To participate in Rio de Janeiro, the participant must be 18 years of age.

The booking is secure after the agreed deposit payments are made by the participant and the Chillandsurf Camp sent a confirmation to the participant.

Booking soon is recommended.

A withdrawal from the camp participation is possible at any time. The withdrawal must be in writing.

The cancellation becomes real at the moment the Chillandsurf Camp receives the notice.

A cancellation up to 30 days prior to camp arrival or placing  a replacement participant, a fee of 25 euros will charged.

Up to 14 days prior of arrival day 30%, up to 13 days prior to arrival 80% of the rate will be charged.

In case of “no-show up” 90% of the rate are charged.

Using group and individual travel packages including traveling with airlines, their general terms and conditions apply.

The participant is responsible for insurance of any kind , our travel partners Ges.mbH Last Minute Tours and Restplatzbörse recommend taking out a travel insurance and are happy to help with the selection. The Promoter may at any time cancel because of special reasons, in this case the full rate will be returned.

Changes in the schedule of the Chillandsurf Camp are possible due to the kind of the courses.

If changes due to weather changes apply, replacement programs are provided.

Arrival is at your own risk and expense by car, train or plane.


Ride-share is possible. Please see “guestbook” or “Chillandsurf Portugal” Facebook Fanpage.

For train, bus and air travel you can contact Last Minute Tours and Restplatzbörse Ges.m.b.H.

On our part we are responsible for the conscientious preparation and execution of the camp and the accuracy of the specifications in the description. We are not liable for personal injury or property damage during your travel, participation of the course and for car rides that take place within the camp. The camp participation is at your own risk. In case of events carried out by other companies  (eg bus trips, concerts), each company is liable for in connection with the individual performance related . The liability of the camp’s organizer, for whatever legal reason, is limited to the amount of three times of the camp fee.

The material used for the Chillandsurf Deal and Deluxx Deal is included in the rate.

In case of loss or damage the participant shall be liable  for the time-value or a suitable replacement.

The instructions of the camp´s organizers have to be obeyed. In case of disorderly conduct, which endangers the reputation and/or integrity of a participant or the organizer, the participant can be, after admonishment, excluded from the course/camp.

In this case, the payments made will not be returned.


Trave agent

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